Collaborative Art WORKS!™

Combine DIGITAL IMAGES as Collaborative Art WORKS!™

Art Tutorials

Sunshower Rose first speaks about the concept of Collaboration - then moves into the ART TUTORIALS setting in this video.

A Watercolor Sampling

This 5 minute video, with musics, takes you through the beginning stages of watercolor, with a pre-painted figure in the foreground by Sunshower.

The voice

Sunshower loves to sing . . . and has an easy going attitude about teaching voice to others. 

"You gotta feel safe and comfortable with your voice coach!" says Sunshower about her MUSIC TUTORIALS.


A little taste of MUSIC TUTORIALS, with Sunshower at the keys.

Learning from this expert is made fun for you!

Unveiling your Dreams

Sunshower's course, Unveiling Your Dreams, helps people remember their dreams, as well as become their own best 'interpreter' of their Dreams' Guidance!

Please click DOWNLOAD. You can delete it, once you're done watching . . . or not!

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Testimonial about Unveiling Your Dreams

Here's a 2 minute video with a student of Sunshower, giving his description of the Dream Class. (This was a few years ago, when Sunshower's hair was still brunette!)