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Your Foundress

This is a gathering place for ALL CREATIVES. Actually, that's anyone who lives and breathes on the planet. 

Sunshower Rose is a visionary artist who has birthed the concept of this Forever Art Movement called Collaborative Art WORKS!™ She's pictured here, with an invitation to you to become part of it.


Collaborate with other Creatives

Let's play nicely together! 

Today's world is on a fast track toward the future. You have a creative mind. Why not join up with like minds, and help make our planet be an even more beautiful, harmonious place to live!


How quickly can the numbers rise?

The sooner you ascribe to the concept that Collaborative Art WORKS!™  

the sooner we will show the world, together, that cooperation far exceeds competition. Why? Because we came from Love, and there is nothing stronger. We know this.

So, just subscribe and send us a message. Instructions are below.

Let's see how we can fit together!


Composer, sculptor, painter, poet, prophet, sage . . . 

These are the makers of the after-world, the architects of Heaven.

by James Allen in his book 

As A Man Thinketh

originally published in 1903 

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This is where we come together and share our digital art creations. Who knows? Another team member may want to collaborate with you! Once you register and are accepted, we will send you a submission form to begin the 'new art' collaborative process.

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This is FUN!

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Be bold. Let your creative side rule!

Help blaze the trail!

Only through your participation

will this team of Creatives . . .

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Change the Face of Art!