Collaborative Art WORKS!™

Combine DIGITAL IMAGES as Collaborative Art WORKS!™

Green Is The River

  • This video, 6:05 minutes, is to honor the Verde River watershed in Arizona. It is  completely Sunshower's work: art, narration, music and video and editing.

Custom Professional Video

This is Sunshower's first music video. More to come . . . and, of course, even better!

Real Estate

Here is a professional video, promoting Real Estate, 2 minutes.

Resale Store

You will want a video editor that includes Voice Over and Captions. This 5 minute video promotes a resale shop's wares, 

Sound Healing Event

Listen to and see this Musical Event, under 1 minute . . .

Prisms I

This is a Sunshower meditation video and music production. Relax and enjoy!

The video was accomplished by 'shooting' through a horizontal pane of glass, which reflected the outdoors through a tempered glass window. Hence all is upside down. Fun stuff!