Collaborative Art WORKS!™

Is a "Forever" ART MOVEMENT

Collaborative Art WORKS!™ is a method of combining at least two art pieces from as many artists. The result is an entirely new 'collaborative' art piece.  This exciting breakthrough in the art world forever . . .


What's in it for me?

If you're a "Creative" your work could become globally known almost overnight! 

All you need to do is:

1. "Play nicely" with other Creatives, like yourself

2. Have a good sense of composition

3. Get your work into a digital format

How do I become a "Collaborative Creative"?

1. Have a strong desire to get your work 'out there'

2. Get your work analyzed by our professionals for 'now' eligibility

3. Once accepted, be willing to share your work. You're in control of 'who' your co-artists will be!

3. Let us coach you

Collaborative Art WORKS! movie trailer

This is a trailer to the movie, Collaborative Art WORKS! movie trailer.

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